Friday, March 2, 2018

Like Rathupaswala, Tambuttegama - a Marxist view රතුපස්වල වගේද තඹුත්තේගම - මාක්ස්වාදි බැල්මක්

According to a report published by the Environmental Conservation Trust, the Venigros factory (Dipped Products PLC – Venigros (Pvt) Ltd) operated by Dhammika Perera as the vice-president of the Haleys Group, which is run in Weliveriya, Rathupaswala area, is an illegal factory. The report requests, "On behalf of the people of Weliweriya, we request the relevant authorities to drink a drop of clean water for the people who were brutally killed by the army while engaged in a non-violent protest demanding a drop of clean water to drink or to pay respect to the people living in this area. To arrange for the immediate closure of the Venegros factory, which is being held illegally, to grant the right.


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