Thursday, October 12, 2023

Waking up from a never-ending nightmare (war cartoons)

 Waking up from a never-ending nightmare (war cartoons)

Terrorism and war are both expressions of conflict, but they differ in scale and method. Terrorism represents asymmetrical warfare, a means for non-state actors to achieve political or ideological goals through fear, targeting civilians. War, on the other hand, involves organized, large-scale conflict between states or factions. Both share a common thread of suffering and devastation. Terrorism exemplifies the power of a few to disrupt the many, while war magnifies the consequences of international disputes. In understanding them, we grapple with the human capacity for violence and the necessity of diplomacy, highlighting the urgency of peace-building, justice, and addressing root causes.

Power and Politics: War often reveals the dynamics of power and politics on both national and international levels. It can be a means for states to establish dominance, protect their sovereignty, or pursue expansionist agendas. This exposes the complexities of geopolitics and the consequences of power imbalances.

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